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My wife and I tried to have assisted pregnancy for nearly 5 years (7 attempts) - all of them in vain. Then we decided to look for a donor.  With the donation the treatment was successful and we received a very cute little princess in January 2020. We are sharing our story to express our warm feelings toward our donor and Cryos and to encourage more people to be open for this kind of help. We can’t express how happy we are. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

- Anonymous,  Germany


Amonymous Italy Testimonial


"La piccola Aimée Elle è venuta al mondo il 12 dicembre,  È stata accolta con il primo giorno di neve in Ticino. 

È sana, vivace, dolcissima.  Penso che Aimée sia un piccolo miracolo e ogni miracolo, per definizione, è contro natura. Grazie infinite del vostro prezioso aiuto e supporto."

 - Anonymous, Itlay

"Couldn't imagine 5 years ago that we would be sending you all this message of love. April 2019 we became proud parents of our second son. Two boys, cute as can be, funny, warm and kind. Our family complete!
Having kids is not something we take for granted and it brings a smile on our faces each and everyday waking up and embracing those two dependent, strong boys!! Our bundles of joy, our pride.....
Thanks to the most generous donor, the Cryos team and our Dutch clinic. Without them this wouldn't be possible."

Love from the Netherlands,


testimonal anna netherlands

Gabielle, Dalila, ed Enea Testimonial


"Il 3 settembre è nato Enea! Grazie per averci dato la possibilità di realizzare il nostro sogno. È un bambino bellissimo e sano. Un abbraccio."

Gabriella, Dalila ed Enea

"Dear Cryos Here is my beautiful daughter, 14 months old and full of happiness and sunshine. Without you she wouldn’t be here so again, many many thanks. I am hoping to give her a sibling from my donor before too long. She is very special child, not just to me but to everyone who meets her. She is beautiful both inside and outside. You do wonderful things for so many people and again I thank you."

United Kingdom





"Thank you so much Cryos and the donor I selected for making me a very happy mother at the age of 39 from my first attempt and first sample! I wish the same luck and happiness to all women wishing to become moms as well and all the happiness in the world to my donor and to Cryos to make this dream come true!

My son is 5 months old now a healthy and nice boy, 3months old at the photos."


"Liebes Cryos Team, am 24.03.2018 ist unsere wunderschöne und gesunde Tochter zur Welt gekommen. Jeden Tag aufs Neue erfüllt sie unser Herz mit Glück und Freude. Wir möchten uns vielmals dafür bedanken, dass Sie und der Spender es ermöglicht haben, unseren größten Herzenswunsch auf so unkomplizierte Weise zu erfüllen! "

Christine und Sophie, Germany


Cryos testimonial


"None said it'll be easy, but looking into my daughter's eyes I feel I want to live, love and make this awesome human being happy. Never planned to be a single mum, however, she is worth it, and a blessing and meaning of my life.
Born in 2015, Rashida is 3 years old today and growing smart, healthy and for sure making one person the happiest on earth every single day. Thanks to our handsome donor, Cryos and the clinic for making this happen! I am 37 and the last 3 years have been outlandish (sleepless nights included 😊)"

Aida Aliyeva, Azerbaijan / US

"As a single woman heading towards my 40’s my chances of meeting the man of my dreams and having the conventional family didn’t seem to be happening as I had dreamt of as a little girl. I knew I had always wanted to be a mother and this, at the age of 37 was now the most important thing on my mind. So, rather than wait and become bitter and resentful of my bad luck in relationships I decided to take control of my life and look for a donor. I turned to Cryos International in Denmark and was amazed by the standard of donors, the information I was able to receive about them and the quality of care and support the staff gave to my whilst organising the shipment to my clinic in the UK. Miraculously I fell pregnant on my first try and gave birth to the most beautiful healthy baby boy 9 months later. I still cannot put into words how grateful I am to this clinic, the donor and all of the staff who made this possible. To them it may be a job, a gift, a generous donation, but to me.... you gave me everything, you changed my life forever. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Sarah, UK


Cryos Donor Baby


"We are a same sex couple from the UK, and have always dreamed of having a family.
After just two attempts using a Cryos donor we fell pregnant with our little boy and were over the moon. The pregnancy was amazing and we welcomed Jensen into the world in July 2018. He is the happiest, healthiest little guy and we couldn’t be happier.
Next year we plan on using the same donor to give Jensen a little brother or sister! We can’t wait to do it all again."

Jensen, UK

"Dear Cryos
Here is a picture of my beautiful daughter born 18/5/18. Thank you for your meticulous care and professionalism. You have enabled me to have the best gift I could ask for. She is healthy, bright and loving and I treasure her.
Thank you again"

Anna, UK


Cryos Donor Babies

Cryos Donor Baby


"Liebes Cryos Team und lieber Spender, am 14.3.2018 sind wir glückliche Eltern einer gesunden und wunderschönen Tochter geworden sie zaubert uns jeden Tag ein Lächeln ins Gesicht. Sie ist Perfekt. Nach langem warten ist sie nun endlich bei uns und wir geniessen jeden Tag. Wir bedanken uns herzlich für die langjährige und immer zuvorkommende Betreuung durch die Mitarbeiter. Am meisten danken wir dem Spender, der uns unseren grössten Wunsch erfüllt hat. Wir werden ihm auf ewig dankbar sein. Einfach nur ein grosses DANKE."

Clarissa & Michaela, Germany

"These are our two beautiful girls Florence and Maisie. We used a donor who is traceable as we live in the UK. We are a small same-sex couple and tried IUI twice before going to a different clinic for IVF. After one try, using two eggs we fell pregnant with twins. Our girls are now 15 months old and are both full of love, smiles and are incredibly cheeky. We know we can't say a personal thanks to our donor but hope they keep up with the Cryos page to know how grateful people like us are."

Emily and Debbie, UK


Cryos Donor Babies

Cryos Donor Baby


"Nous ne remercierons jamais assez Cryos et le généreux donneur qui nous ont permis de devenir mères ! Ayant choisi l’insémination à domicile avec donneur non anonyme, nous avons trouvé facilement sur le site toutes les explications nécessaires pour réaliser le geste d’insémination et le choix des paillettes. Nous avons ensuite eu un contact téléphonique avec un personnel parlant très bien français afin d’organiser sereinement la livraison. Au final, toutes les étapes se sont déroulées très simplement et nous ont permis, après une seule insémination, de devenir mères d’une petite fille 9 mois plus tard ! Encore mille mercis !"

Élise, Marion et Augustine, France

"Thank you so much Cryos!
I feel so lucky to have my son. He is so cute and healthy. I cannot say enough thanks to Cryos that Cryos has helped me to fulfil my dream of becoming a mother!
Wonderful customer services in assisting on doing extra blood test!
Thank you Cryos! Thank you Donor!!"

Jess, UK


Cryos Donor Baby

Cryos Donor Baby


"Thank you so much to the donor and everyone at Cryos. You have all been fantastic. Very quick responding to our emails and any worries or concerns. We are so happy with our beautiful baby girl."


“I just wanted to say thank you to yourselves and my donor as 3 weeks ago I became a Mum with my miracle baby! I was told I would never conceive naturally but I decided to ignore that advice and in February used Cryos and I fell pregnant with my gorgeous boy Noah! Thank you again, you have changed my world for the better and given me the best little baby I could ever ask for. I am so happy with your company and service I received and for all the help you gave me along the way if I asked any questions. My little boy is my dream come true”

Catherine, UK


Cryos Donor Baby

Cryos Donor Baby


"We are thrilled and very proud to announce that on 28 October 2016 we welcomed into the world our wonderful baby daughter Helena. She is healthy, beautiful and truly extraordinary, and she has filled our home with joy and love. We would like to say thank you to Cryos for making this dream of ours a reality and we wish to express our gratitude to the Donor for his invaluable contribution to the growth of our family. Cryos has been professional, helpful and very well-organised, and we would recommend them to anyone.
We wish the best of luck to all the hopeful moms and dads out there and keep our fingers crossed that they too can soon fulfil their dream of parenthood."

Agnieszka & Magdalena, Poland

"Thank you Cryos because I have a wonderful life with my daughter! I appreciate every day with my lovely angel!"

Carmen, Croatia


Cryos Donor Baby

Cryos Donor Baby


"Dear donor, you gave me the love of my life and helped me to start a family! I can’t thank you and CRYOS enough for such joy. This baby was a “GRACE” for me like her name. I will do my best for her raising by myself. I cannot wait for the all the fun days and enjoyments we’ll get together while she’s growing!

Much love to you and this marvellous organization!"

Harika Timur

"Carissima Cryos, Siamo felicissimi nel presentarvi il nostro piccolo Jacopo, venuto al mondo grazie al vostro supporto!!!
Non sappiamo davvero trovare parole abbastanza adatte per dirvi la nostra immensa gratitudine per questo bellissimo dono. Grazie per la vostra cortesia e professionalità. Grazie grazie immensamente grazie!!!"



Cryos Donor Baby

Cryos Donor Babies


"We'd like to share a photo of our lovely family.
Thanks to a donor of Cryos we've got two beautiful girls!
Reva, born at 2-2-2015.
Novi, born at 7-2-2017.
We are grateful that we could become mothers.
Thank you for the opportunity to accomplish our dream!"

Dianta & Maartje, The Netherlands

"My experience with Cryos has been excellent since the beginning. The staff in Denmark and Spain have always been attentive and helpful, answering my thousand questions (either via email or phone) and giving me extra and very useful information.

To have a place where you can choose some features of the donor is extremely important for many women and couples, and a place like Cryos with detailed information is very welcome."

Mar Moreno Blázquez, Spain


Cryos Donor Baby

Cryos Donor Baby


"Jeg blev i december 2016 mor til dejlige Nora, som jeg har fået efter inseminationsbehandling på privat klinik og med hjælp fra Cryos International.
Det var et hårdt og langt forløb, men det er uden tvivl den bedste beslutning jeg nogensinde har truffet og jeg elsker, at være mor og har fået verdens dejligste datter!"

Silja, DK

"We would like to thank you and the donor so much for making us a family! The insemination worked on the second attempt and now we have the baby girl we have been dreaming of. I can not put into words how much she fills our hearts and life's with joy, love and happiness. I am so grateful for this little wonder!

Again, thank you for your service, support and help!"

Liz + Lucy and baby, UK


Cryos Donor Baby

Cryos Donor Baby


"Without the donor that we chose from Cryos we would never have been blessed with our bundle of joy. Our boy has taught us how to be parents and a family, the 2 of us have now become 3 and will be back to try to add more. Thank you."

Marianne & Angela, UK.

"Nous sommes très contente de ce site, très pratique et bien fait. Il y a beaucoup d'informations et de réponses aux questions que l'on pourrait se poser. Il y a un choix important de donneurs et les envois sont très rapides. Le fait que le site soit disponible dans plusieurs langues est un avantage très important. En plus, à chaque fois que nous avons dû contacter le service client, les personnes étaient très efficaces et disponibles et nous avons beaucoup apprécié cela."



Cryos Donor Baby

Cryos Donor Baby


"Thank you so much for this bundle of joy. I could not have been more lucky. He is the sweetest little boy and I love him to bits. I am so happy that the donor wanted to do this. He gave me the greatest gift ever. Thanks Cryos for the great service and support."

N.S. from Holland

"Our initial journey started in 2014 when we had a friend who offered to be our Donor. However, following a miscarriage and he was then in a committed relationship we decided to choose an alternative route.
   A friend of ours recommended Cryos. We were extremely impressed with the website and the data base in which each Donor profiles were presented, giving you reassurance that they had gone through detailed tests, providing plenty of information about them so you could match their personality against yours etc...
   We were also impressed with how easy it was to get our chosen donor sent across to our chosen clinic in the U.K Which made it a completely stress free process.
   Sadly, we had another miscarriage but with enough straws ordered it gave us one more chance and here she is our beautiful baby girl born August 2016.
   Without Cryos and our chosen Donor this dream would have not been possible, it's an absolute miracle in which we will forever be grateful. If we have an opportunity to have baby no2 then we wouldn't hesitate in using Cryos again.

Amy & Claire, UK



Cryos Donor Baby


"Grazie a Cryos siamo riuscite a concepire il nostro cucciolo e allargare la nostra famiglia.
La possibilità di ricevere l'home kit ci ha evitato stressanti viaggi all'estero per realizzare il nostro sogno, vivendo in modo sereno, rilassato e con complicità, il momento del concepimento. Ottimo il servizio e l'assistenza."

Valentina e Lorena, Italy

"This is my little baby girl angel who brought so much joy, happiness and love into my life. There are not such words which can describe what I felt through 9 months of pregnancy and what I felt when the healthy, strong and beautiful baby was born and what I feel now and will feel every day watching love of my life grow :) For the donor who made this miracle come true I can only say – Thank You. Maybe someday my daughter will be able to say it in person."

Anna, Poland


Cryos Donor Baby

Cryos Donor Baby


"Non c'è cosa più bella al mondo che avere un figlio, grazie a voi il nostro desiderio si è avverato!"

Valerio, Italy

"Words cannot describe the pride, joy and love we feel since our baby boy came to our lives in August 2016. The unconditional love we feel holding this tiny, dependent person who already has his own character is so much greater than live itself!  

We will always be thankful to our donor. Not knowing us, but to be so unselfish to make sure we (and others) are able to welcome the greatest gift of live. Making sure to thoroughly describe himself and his relatives so we know just a bit, being able to be honest to our new born when he starts asking questions in a few years time.

And last but not least the great guidance and thinking along of Cryos by making it all possible! Thank you to you all..."

Anna, The Netherlands


Cryos Donor Baby

Cryos Donor Baby


"I can never thank my donor enough. Despite not knowing me he has given me the greatest gift and made me the happiest I have ever been. My gorgeous little boy was born in March 2016 and motherhood has been better than I even thought it would be. Cryos made the process of choosing and ordering sperm so easy and the information provided about each donor is phenomenal. It fills me with confidence that I can tell my son so much about where he comes from as he grows up. For anyone considering doing it alone, go for it. It is wonderful and my son has enriched the lives of my whole family. Thank you so much Cryos and my donor."

Jo, UK

"Non esistono ringraziamenti sufficienti! Un grosso abbraccio a Cryos."

Francesca, Italy


Cryos Donor Baby

Cryos Donor Baby


"Tusind tak til Cryos og donoren for at gøre det muligt for mig at få denne lille lækre fyr født d. 28-04-2016."

Cecilia, Danmark

"Als Erstes möchte ich mich dafür bedanken, dass Sie es möglich gemacht haben, meinen größten Wunsch zu erfüllen.

Schon nach der ersten Anwendung des Spenders wurde ich schwanger und habe am 13. Juli 2014 einen gesunden Jungen (58 cm groß und 4960 Gramm schwer) zur Welt gebracht. Louis ist ein ganz wundervolles Kind!"

Bonnie, Germany


Cryos donor baby

Cryos donor baby


"Questo è la nostra meraviglia! Grazie a voi per questo dono."

Sara, Italy

“When you see how happy my lovely angel is, then you can imagine how full my heart is. Thank you Cryos!!”

Karmen, Croatia


Cryos donor baby

Cryos donor baby


"Wir sind ein lesbisches verheiratetes Pärchen und Cryos hat uns unseren sehnlichsten Wunsch, ein gemeinsames Baby zu haben erfüllt. :-) am 23.10.2015 wurde unsere wunderschöne Tochter Olivia geboren. Sie ist so ein wundervoller kleiner Mensch, unser Glück ist nicht in Worte zu fassen :-)
Nach nur 2 versuchen und dank kompetenter und super freundlicher Beratung hatte es bei uns geklappt.
Wer weiß, vielleicht kommt auf diese Weise auch noch ein Geschwisterchen dazu :-)"

Karina & Alexandra, Germany

"Thank you to Cryos and to my lovely donor for the beautiful gift of my daughter, Freya. I am so grateful to you for helping me achieve my dream of being a mum. As a single woman it would have been impossible without your help. Your service was impeccable and everyone has been so friendly and helpful at a life-changing time for me when I naturally had a lot on my mind. The level of information in the extended profiles is fantastic and the charges are fair compared to other banks that I approached. I would recommend Cryos to anybody in need of a donor.

To any single ladies thinking of taking the plunge, don't hesitate, just get on with it! Freya has completed my life and brought such joy to my parents and sister."

Georgie, UK


Cryos donor baby

Cryos donor baby


"Soy Arian, quizás no te acuerdes mucho de mí, pero nos ayudaste mucho durante el proceso de inseminación y quería presentarte al precioso bebé que hemos tenido. Mil millones de gracias a ti y a Cryos! Te enviamos una foto de nuestro niño. Nació el 24 de agosto y se llama Milo.

Un abrazo enorme y de nuevo mil gracias!"

Arian, Spain

"Vous été une banque des plus beaux des trésors!!! Merci encore!!!!"

Melody & Dominique, France


Cryos donor baby

Cryos donor baby


"Im Juli 2015 sind wir glückliche Eltern der kleinen Mia geworden. Wir danken Cryos Dänemark für unser "kleines Wunder”!"

Sandra & Stefanie, Germany

"Wir wollten Ihnen mitteilen, dass wir am 4.8. glückliche Eltern eines gesunden Sohnes geworden sind"

Tina, Germany


Cryos donor baby

Cryos donor baby


"Jeg er for evigt taknemmelig og lykkelig over at være blevet mor- oven i købet til den- på alle måder- mest fantastiske dreng! Tusinde tak for at I har været med til at gøre det muligt- ord kan ikke beskrive hvor stort det er."

Camilla, Denmark

"Thank you to Cryos International for making this life changing event of having my baby, wonderful and stress free.

I chose Cryos for many reasons, the main one being absolute access to all their donors and the amount of information provided. If I had any questions they were always answered promptly and the entire process from selection to having the nitrogen tank sent all the way to South Africa went smoothly. I would only recommend Cryos to anyone embarking on this journey.

I had a beautiful (of course) baby boy in June thanks to Cryos. Thank you to everyone involved."

Daniela, South Africa


Cryos donor baby

Cryos donor baby


"We would like to thanks Cryos International team for their professionalism and their kindness, as well as our donor. We chose Cryos because of the amount of information they provide about each donor and the possibility of having the same donor for each insemination. You helped us realize our biggest dream and we are very grateful for that! Our little boy Aaron Knox was born on June 2015 and we are planning to give him a little brother or sister very soon!

Thanks again to all donors and Cryos International for making families’ dreams come true."

Gabriela & Ornella, Switzerland

"I just wanted to write to thank you. I am the very very proud parent of an absolutely gorgeous 3 month old girl - and I am very aware that I owe this position entirely to Cryos.  As a single woman I knew last year that I wanted to try and have a baby but had no idea if and how it was possible. I encountered several rather unsavoury websites and was facing some rather grim and worrying options. Cryos not only enabled me to get pregnant but also gave me a safe, sensible and legitimate way forward. I have confidence that my little girl will grow up with a story and a background which she can embrace and deal with in a healthy way."

- Lisa, UK


Cryos donor baby

Cryos donor baby


"In May 2015 I gave birth to my son Nathan Artem. He brings a lot of happiness to me and my 3 year old girl, I am very thankful towards my donor and Cryos. You make a difference in people's life!"

J.H , the Netherlands

"Many thanks to both Cryosbank and the donor for their help to achieve my dream. I was very touched when my son was born and could not believe for quite some time
that I was blessed with such a cute bundle after so many years of waiting. My son is the best decision I have made in my life and you made me a very happy mother."

Hana, CZ


Cryos donor baby

Cryos donor baby


"Voici une photo de notre petite Lisa, qui est née le 4 janvier 2015. Elle est en très bonne santé et nous comble de bonheur. Merci encore de votre compétence."

Marie, France

"Am 14.03.2015 kam unsere Tochter gesund und munter zur Welt und macht uns mehr als glücklich.”

Glückliche Familie, Germany


Cryos donor baby

Cryos donor baby


Wir danken Cryos und dem Spender für unsere wundervolle Tochter. Sie kam am 25.08.2014 zur Welt, ist gesund und unser größtes Glück

Die glücklichen Mamas Melanie und Sandra, Germany

"Il était une fois.. La petite Lou vient de naitre et grâce à Cryos je deviens ce jour la plus heureuse des mamans, la plus comblée aussi…”

Karine, France



Cryos donor baby

Cryos donor baby


"My husband and I have waited so long to be able to have a baby and thanks to Cryos, we were able to! Despite all the side effects, being pregnant was an incredible experience and I am so thankful. Our little Louis is now 4 1/2 months old and I still can't believe it. I love my life!

Thank you to all the donors who make this possible."

Benedicte, UK

"From our first dealing with them, Cryos have been very helpful and professional.

We chose them initially because of the amount of information they provided about each donor, as well as the cost.

Through the process of getting pregnant I needed to contact them numerous times, and they always answered promptly, in English. They were accommodating to my needs and I have already recommended them to numerous friends, and have no hesitation in doing so. Will definitely be using them for baby no. 2!"

Liz, UK


Cryos donor baby

Cryos donor baby


"We got a beautiful son thanks to Cryos and the donor which made it possible for us to have a family to love.

Thanks to all!"

"Last year I got pregnant using donor sperm from your website, and I'm delighted to say the baby was carried to term and is now a healthy, happy 6 month old baby girl.  Firstly I wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful service you provided and helped to make this possible for me."

Ellen, UK


Cryos donor baby

Cryos donor baby


"I chose Cryos international because their website was so accessible with lots of information and the staff were only a phone call away. They were so helpful and ensured my donor's samples were where I needed them in plenty of time. With their help and the kindness of my wonderful donor I would never have been able to achieve creating this beautiful little guy!"

Thank you all,
Amanda, UK

"Am 28.11.2014 habe ich ein gesundes Mädchen zur Welt gebracht."

Sandra, Germany


Cryos donor baby


"A month and a half ago my son Noam was born. The journey to decide and then to have a child might be long and demanding. This is why it is so important to have the right people to escort you during the journey.

This is how I felt with Cryos Denmark- being cared and helped all along.
And now, I'm holding in my arms a beautiful baby boy. Thank you!!


"Liebes Cryos Team,
im Jahre 2015/2016 gehörten wir zu den regelmäßigen Empfängerinnen Ihrer Halme. Nun halten wir endlich unseren zwei Monate alten, kerngesunden Sohn Leo im Arm! Er kam am 2.12.2016 zur Welt, von einem Ihrer wunderbaren Nicht Anonymen Spender. Ein Dankeschön reicht in dem Fall nicht aus, um Ihnen begreiflich zu machen, wie dankbar und unwahrscheinlich glücklich wir sind!
Ohne Ihre Klinik/ Samenbank wäre all das für uns nicht möglich gewesen. Und ohne "unseren" Spender erst recht nicht. Wir möchten auch Danke sagen, für Ihre hochqualifizierte Arbeit, die es erst möglich macht, dass wir nun unseren gesunden Sohn im Arm halten dürfen. Sie leisten hervorragende Arbeit und wir werden Sie jederzeit weiter empfehlen. Wir sind die glücklichsten Mamas auf der ganzen Welt!
Tausend Dank von ganzem Herzen,
Familie aus Bonn"

"My heartfelt thanks to the friendly, helpful and professional team at Cryos International. The detailed information that you provide on your donors helped me to select a kind, intelligent donor who was exactly what I was looking for. The result is my beautiful baby son, who has brought endless joy into my life and who is my whole world. Thank you also to the donors - you are changing lives and bringing happiness to families."

"I'm happy to say we have the most perfect little Danish baby:) He is simply amazing. We could not be more happy and satisfied with our little 4 month old baby. He is so healthy, strong, and just adorable:) I just wanted to thank you for your help :)"

"I want to thank you and Cryos International Denmark for making it possible to help and make my dream and wish come true! With the best regards from the happiest person on earth at this moment"

"We are happy as can be;-)!  Thx again for helping us in this whole process. It is still amazing."

"I wish to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at both Cryos both in New York and Aarhus for their sensitivity, professionalismand help in guiding us every step of the way so that we now have two beautiful little girls."

"Thank you for helping me to acheive the role of a mother, my son is the best gift I have ever received, and I feel very lucky to have him in my life."

"Please accept my many thanks and warm wishes for all you and the donor have done for me. I am so grateful for your service and thank you with the fullness of my heart."

"Min mand og jeg har med hjælp fra Cryos fået de dejligste to drenge - Så vi kan ikke være lykkeligere."

"I could not have wished for more beautiful kids. They are the best thing that ever happened to me."

" ... and today i have a daughter!!! I would like to thank you with all my heart for this miracle."

"Ein großer Wunsch ist endlich in Erfüllung gegangen!!!"

"Jeg har fået en datter hun er nu 1 ½ år, smuk og skøn, hun ligner mig! Jeg er dybt taknemmelig, hvor er det skønt at der er mænd der vil donere."

"Dear Cryos team, I am so happy to let you know I have recently gave birth to a perfect baby. His daddy and I are more than enthusiastic about this fantastic happening in our lives, after many years of trials in vain. Thank you for being there for us"

"Efter 3 skønne levedygtige sunde børn, opsiger vi vores depot hos Cryos"

"We are extremely happy to have our son. He is just amazing!"

"1000 tak for et fint samarbejde. VI har 2 dejlige drenge - og 1 på vej."

"we have a 3 year old daughter and another little angel came along 7 weeks ago, so thanks to Cryos, we are now blessed with to daughters."

" … today i have a daughter!!! I would like to thank you with all my heart for this miracle."

"Thank you very much again, for your gift."

"Kære Donor.
Jeg vil sige dig hjerteligt TAK for den store glæde du har været med til at bringe ind i mit liv.
Den 1.april 2014 fik jeg på Herlev den skønneste dreng. Han er klog, stor, smuk, velskabt og mild. Alle omkring mig siger at han virker så harmonisk.
Du har været med til at give mig alt hvad jeg har ønsket mig i årevis. Tak fordi der findes mænd som dig! Jeg er dybt lykkelig og taknemmelig.
Kærlig hilsen J og J"

"Jeg er så taknemmelig, min lille søn er mit livs lys."

"Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to have a baby with a little help from one of your donors!"

"Endnu engang tak for "samarbejdet", vi er meget taknemmelige og lykkelige for jeres hjælp"

"Jeg har fået en skøn lille dreng Tusind tak for hjælpen hvor er det bare dejlig at der er sådan nogen som jer"

"Efter 3 dejlige børn og uvurderlig hjælp fra jer, ..."

"… vi har fået 2 dejlige børn og jeg nærmer mig de ... Men tak for denne fantastiske mulighed!"

"På forhånd tusinde TAK for den hjælp og den fornemme indsats I har ydet!!!!!!!!!!"

"Vi har fået 3 dejlige drenge."

"Vi har nu fået 3 dejlige børn med jeres hjælp, og har efter lang tids tænkning blevet enige om at vi ikke skal have flere."

"…, da vi har igen har været heldige at få et barn ved jeres hjælp. Vi har så fået 2 børn oppe ved jer. Vi er meget glade for at der findes nogen som kan hjælpe folk med at få børn."

"Vi har fået to skønne børn - en dreng og en pige og vores højeste ønsker er dermed blevet opfyldt."

"Tack för allt och vänliga hälsningar, .."

"Vi siger tusind tak for hjælpen. Vi har nu fået de børn vi ønsker …"

"Kære Cryos. Vi har nu fået 2 dejlige børn"

"Vi tackar för all hjälp och för möjligheten att få helt biologiska syskon trots behov av DI. Väntar nu tvillingar i vecka ... och om detta går vägen har vi fått 2 underbara barn med er hjälp. Med vänlig hälsning och stort tack…"

"Hei på dere! …Vi har fått to små søte piker ved hjelp av dere og er veldig fornøyd med det!"

"Vi har været heldige at få en dejlig søn i ... og er igen blevet gravid. Tak for hjælpen. Glædelig jul og godt nytår!"

"…Tak for godt samarbejde samt god betjening."

"Med ønske om en god julemåned og tak for hjælpen ( vi venter tvillinger )"

"Tak for den altid gode behandling vi altid har fået"

"Also we would like to thank you for making our family possible"

"Tusen takk for hjelpen vi har fått fra dere. Den har vært helt uvurderelig for oss."

"Thanks in advance for your kind help and keep up the good work with your sperm bank! We are really happy you made us the proud parents of our son ..."

"Thank you again for already the best gift thanks to you and our donor!"

"Jeg er lykkeligvis blevet far til en pige og har en undervejs. Tak for denne gang og for jeres proffessionelle måde at arbejde på."

"Vi har nu 3 dejlige børn, hvilket er lige tilpas til os… .Tak for hjælpen, vi er glade for at I eksisterer."

"PS: Tak for nogle dejlige unger"

"Vi sier oss fornøyde med 2 flotte barn! Takk for fin oppfølging."

"Tak for hjælpen for 5 år siden. Vi fik en fantastisk dejlig guldklump."

"Vi har tre underbara barn och är väldigt nöjda. Trevlig sommar."

"Efter ... år som kunde og 3 dejlige unger vil jeg hermed sige tak."

"Jeg takker for samarbeidet. Det har resultert i 2 flotte barn!"

"Jag blev gravid vid första försökt och har idag en pigg och glad nybliven 1-årig dotter! Det är så fantastiskt!!!"

"... men den nye loven i norge om uanonyme donorer gjør at danmark frister mye mer. for ikke snakke om samme donor... vi har jo fått verdens vakreste lille pike takket være dere..... "

"Tack för hjälp till två underbara barn!"

"Han er noget af det "vigtigste" (må ikke misforstås) i mit/vores liv lige nu. Hvis det var mulig for mig ville jeg takke ham af hele mit hjerte."

"I am now just writing to let you know that these straws have given birth to two wonderful little twin girls ... . Thanks a lot for your kind cooperation. Our daughters wouldn´t have been here without the help of Cryos."

"Vi takker for godt samarbejde og kan fortælle, at vi ved Jeres hjælp har fået to dejlige piger."

"I would like to thank you too for this great "gift" you gave to me and my husband."

"I am a new mother to a little baby which is 1 year old thanks to your company's important help."

"Jeg har ikke svært ved at sige at jeg er meget taknæmmelig over for ham som har gjort det mulig for mig/os."

"Takket være dere har vi i dag en nydelig sønn på 2 år og venter en sønn. Tusen takk for all god hjelp."

"Tak for hjælpen til 2 skønne børn."

"... without your help we would not have our beautiful boy and our impossible dream would never have come true."

"Tak for hjælpen til mine 2 vidunderlige sønner - livet ville have været fattigt uden."

"Jeg kan fortælle jer, at jeg har fået en skøn og smuk søn, tak for at I har været med til, at dette kunne ske.""

"Thank you for all your help importing the sperm, you were so helpful. Our family is complete now and with the help of you and everyone at Cryos, we have fulfilled our dream."

"Thank you so much for your services, we had 3 beautiful babies!!! And we are now a truly amazing family!! :)"